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My five favorite baby essentials

This post is NOT sponsored. I am simply sharing my ultimate favorite baby essentials that helped me get through the newborn phase and beyond.

  • Dr. Brown’s bottles – my daughter is a formula fed, spit-up-y little thing. She always has been, but otherwise I have a very happy and healthy little five month old. In her early days of life, we had some issues with gas. These bottles helped tremendously! When I was pregnant, I was gifted a few different brands of bottles. I noticed very early on she had less gas issues after a feeding out of a Dr. Brown’s bottle. While every baby is different, I think these bottles helped the most because they have an insert that helps baby take in less air from the bottle while feeding. Granted, more pieces of the bottle = more to clean, but its well worth it.
  • Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer -This thing has been a lifesaver, really. My little is five months old and still sleeps in this thing. Although my baby never cared for being swaddled, she did and still does love being cradled. I think the curvature of the seat helps her feel secure without feeling restricted, which means she sleeps soundly, which means I do too. 😉 Its also great for keeping her nearby without having her in my arms, and has given her the ability to see all around her from her first days of life, which she loves. Also as previously mentioned, my daughter is a spit-up machine. Sleeping at this incline helps keep her belly settled, and helps ease my mind in fear she will spit up in her sleep. They come in a variety of colors and have options of playing different sounds and vibration which really helped in her first few weeks. I believe the weight limit is up to 25lbs too, which means I don’t have to transition her to the crib until she can sit up unsupported on her own.
  • Gerber Newborn Layette Set -I was gifted this set by my mom, and it is a MUST! It came with gowns, sleep and plays, onesies, pants, hats, mittens, bibs, socks, washcloths, a hooded towel, burp rags, and receiving blankets – all the essentials. Although my daughter has grown out of the clothes, I still use the blankets, burp rags, and bibs to this day. It makes a great baby shower gift too. I would have never thought I needed mittens for my summer baby! Who would’ve known she’d be born with razor sharp nails? I’ve gotten so much use out of this set, I will ask for another one for my next baby!
  • Summer Infant Deluxe SuperSeat -As my daughter grew out of her newborn phase and into her infant phase, she really liked (still does) being sat up. This seat has a removable activity tray that goes around it in a full circle, with different toys attached to keep littles entertained. I’m definitely a “bang for your buck” kind of girl, and the best part of this seat is: it grows with baby! As she gets older, it can be converted into a toddler booster seat. Winning!
  • Graco Click Connect Travel System -Okay, it is a no brainer that you need a stroller and carseat for your new addition, but with so many out there, how do you choose? I went with a Graco for a few reasons. For one, the brand is tried and true by so many moms out there. Secondly, I really love that all Click Connect items are compatible. If we were to purchase another stroller, lets say, if we had another baby, we could do so without having to buy an ENTIRE travel system if need be. There I go again with the “bang for your buck!” 😛

Well guys, that is my top five must have baby essentials. Here are some of my recommendations pictured below, that I happened to have on my phone. Some of the pieces from the layette set are in the pictures too. And my adorable chicken of course!


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