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What to take into 2017… & what to leave behind.

Hey all! Its New Year’s Eve! I hope all of you reading have a happy New Year and be safe! I’ve had a busy week, but it has been awesome! I was lucky enough to reunite with some of my dearest friends early in the week, and later in the week spent some much needed girl time with a girl friend & we took our girls to a children’s museum 🙂 It has been a fun-filled winter break week!

I’m not someone who believes in “new years resolutions.” I don’t think just because its the start of a new calendar year you need to make drastic changes to your life, nor do I think you’ll have any more success/failure at reaching a goal because its the start of a new year. Bottom line is, if you have a goal or an obstacle you want to overcome, if you really want it – you’ll do it. The new year, new month, or new week doesn’t matter. Every day is a new day that brings new opportunity. I hope all of my readers are able to accomplish their goals all year long!

With that said, I did learn numerous valuable life lessons in 2016. It was quite the year, definitely had some of my highest highs and lowest lows. The best part of my year has been the last half, because I had my daughter. I feel like now that I have her my life is finally beginning. I also, though, have experienced some not-so-great things this year, and although I don’t believe I can make an unrealistic change to my life in one day, I can certainly rid my life of things/people that don’t belong in it, right?

So this, my friends, is where I begin…

Some of the things I’ll be taking with me into 2017, and you should too:

  • Character. I do not base my impression or opinion of someone judging them from their financial situation, race, religion, or anything like that. I WILL ABSOLUTELY JUDGE YOUR CHARACTER. If you have poor character, you’re a shitty person. Plain and simple. Bad character doesn’t know finances, cultural background, etc., there are shitty people in every single “group” on this earth… don’t be one of them! Help others, have compassion, and count your blessings. Life is short, make the best of it. A little humility goes a long way.
  • Modesty. Let me start by saying I am not referring to my modesty in the sense of covering myself from head to toe, or only wearing dresses and skirts that are ankle length, not cutting my hair, etc. (Although theres nothing wrong with that if ya do!) BUT, I am careful about my appearance. God gave me the gift of being a mother, to a little girl no less. Not only do I owe it to her, I owe it to HIM too! I am an imperfect human being. I am totally modern living in (almost) 2017, I do make it a point to keep my dignity with me at all times though. 😉 I don’t feel the need to post revealing pictures of myself, desire attention from men (I’m very committed to mine, thank you) or anything of that nature. Remember what I said about humility? That applies here too guys. Not saying theres anything wrong with being sexy, I have plenty of sexy clothes… but guess when I wear them? WHEN I’M WITH MY MAN! Can I get an amen here?!
  • Desire To Do Better. We should always, always be bettering ourselves, from the biggest to smallest aspects of life, strive to keep doing better! I think as an individual, you continue to grow until you die. Always keep pushing forward. When I became pregnant, I told myself I was going to keep bettering myself to enable me to be the best mother I possibly could be, which included working on getting overly nervous and anxious and handling things with a clear mind. As a result, I am making a semi-smooth transition into motherhood. I have an almost 6 month old, I can proudly say I survived the newborn stage without any meltdowns! Had I not made an active effort into handling situations less frantically, I wouldn’t have made it one week :P. I’m not saying I have been cool as a cucumber the whole time, but I made it! Progress, people, progress. Set goals and achieve them. Do one thing at a time, and enjoy the journey!

What we should all be saying sayonara to tonight:

  • Wondering “What-If’s?” If I had a dollar for every time I have second-guessed something, I’d be a billionaire. Second-guessing yourself is one of the worst things you can do. DON’T DO IT. Seriously. If you went with your gut, you did the right thing. If you didn’t, past is in the past my friend. Dealing with a shitty person in your life? Don’t waste your time wondering “what if” you handled it differently. If they’re shitty people, chances are they would’ve done you dirty no matter what. Spend your time looking forwards, not backwards. I couldn’t tell you how many “what if’s” I’ve wondered since becoming a mom. “What if I didn’t try hard enough at breastfeeding?” “What if I could’ve had an unmedicated labor?” “What if putting the bottles in the dishwasher aren’t safe?” Guys, just stop. Immediately.
  • Fake/Phony Friends and Family. OHHMYYGAWDD This one. This one strikes all of my nerves. 2016 has shown me exactly how small my circle really is, and to keep it that way. When you see someone’s true colors, take it for what it is, even if its bad. Better off having less people around than having bad people around. AMEN! Some of the “friends and family” have done a 180 on me, some I saw coming. ALL of them are being left behind. Not only do I have to be selective about who I’m around, but I have to be selective about who my child is around, too. My daughter has family who are non-existent in her life (I do too) & although its upsetting, its a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we’re so overcome by our hurt feelings that we fail to realize that. I had a really bad habit of letting things go because “I know them forever” or “they’re family.” Not anymore. My bullshit limit has been reached, and if you aren’t adding positivity to my life or my child’s life, you will be subtracted. 

Well, thats all folks. I’m hoping you all have a great night, and hope 2017 brings you all blessings! Be safe tonight!

With Love,

Bria ❤ XOXO


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