Super Bowl Sunday … Dinner

Hello friends! I know its been a few weeks, between having my entire house get sick (baby included yikes), having company, and trying to get a handle on some (early) spring cleaning I have been running around like crazy. All of which completely stopped the week my daughter was sick because she had quite a bad cold & some other issues. Thankfully, she is a lot better now! Still on medicine, but 95% better!

Anyways, today is the Super Bowl! Pre-baby times, I have worked in a sports bar for the last 5-6 or so Super Bowl Sundays. I NEVER had the day off. To be completely honest, from my experience with bartending on this big game day, its amateur hour. Its a day where everyone drinks entirely too much, and if their teams losing, is almost always louder and rowdier than they need to be. LOL. I’m a huge football fan and am saying this! Its much better to stay home or go to a friend/family’s house on a day like today.

We’re staying home tonight, just us and our baby. We have a beautiful 55″ SONY Bravia TV, so  we get to watch the big game on the big screen, all while being in the comfort of our living room and our daughter has the comfort of being home with all her fun stuff, too. We’re NY Giants fans, so we loathe anything and all things Boston/New England – we’re going for the Falcons!

Just because we’re staying home, doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in some of our favorite game day/bar style food. Which is why I am writing this post- to share my Super Bowl menu!!! 🙂 I’m keeping it small since its just the two of us eating, but we are definitely not missing out!

First, the sliders. I thought about burgers initially, but sliders are more fun, more fitting, and cuter. 😉 The possibilities are endless really, but I’m doing good ol’ beef topped with cheddar & you guessed it – bacon. I may add some bbq sauce and sautéed onions on some of them! Possibilities man. 😛

Next, the wings. You do not understand how much I love buffalo wings. I am a wing snob, and proud. I could eat wings everyday and not get tired of them. I lovelovelove them. Today, I will probably bake and then fry them vs double fried, but I will not stop until they’re crisp to perfection. For the sauces, I’m doing something like a sampler. We know how much I ❤ couponing, and this past week I happened to score a few bottles of different flavored sauces. Today we’ll be having buffalo, honey mustard, honey teriyaki, bbq, and my ultimate favorite – garlic parm & buffalo. With blue cheese dressing to dip ’em in, we’re gonna be wing-ing out! 😛

Sides, you ask? Always. A meal isn’t complete without sides. Can anyone say fries and onion rings? Go big or go home folks. 😉 We happen to have a few different kinds of beer in our fridge too, so all bases are covered.

To my lovely readers, what are your plans? I’d love to see and hear about some of your favorite game-day recipes. And please, guys, don’t drink and drive. Its not worth it. I hope you all have a happy, healthy, and SAFE Super Bowl Sunday!


With Love,




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