Life Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to pop in and say hello! Hope you are all doing well and thriving! I have been away for a little but I’m back!

Seems like we had the absolute longest winter and not too much of spring, even now in June, we still have some seasonably cool weather. But, the sun has been shining lately! Its given me the ability to spend a lot more time outside with the baby, and she loves it too! With summer practically here, I’m really excited to have even more fun in the sun with my family!

Life is good, normal ups & downs, but I’m happy and truly blessed for all the amazing gifts God has given me. Home life is awesome, too. I’m still loving every minute of being a SAHM! My handsome and I are doing great, and really have been enjoying every minute of our little family<3. My friends, it seems as though our daughter went from being this itty-bitty baby to almost a toddler overnight. She’s coming up on turning 11 months old, which seems a lot more like 11 minutes. It really does go by too fast. She will be a year old next month! A July baby just like her mama<3.

I have a few new post ideas in the works, so I hope you all stick around to read them! I definitely look forward to being more active and posting more! See you soon :).


With Love,




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